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Labradors that do it all

I am a small, hobby breeder in Cleburne, Texas where I share my life and home with my Labradors and horses.  I have had Labradors in my life for over 40 years and began breeding about 15 years ago.  My goal is to only breed dogs that have passed the necessary health clearances recommended for this breed and that have the proper Labrador temperament.   The puppies I do not keep primarily go to forever families but I do occasionally place dogs for therapy or service work.   

Labradors are highly versatile and make excellent family companions, therapy dogs, hunting dogs, law enforcement dogs and service dogs. They are also a wonderful choice for a person that would like to do obedience, rally or agility.   We strive to breed dogs that embody all of the wonderful things that make Labradors the best breed on earth.  

Candice Young

Cleburne, Texas

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